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Outsourcing solutions
Delivering premium customer service today is getting increasingly more difficult and expensive. Higher customer expectations, tougher competition, broader product and plan offerings, unrelenting pressure to contain costs, and the growing imperative to generate more revenues are all factors presenting businesses with significant challenges.

And at the same time as it is becoming more difficult to deliver premium customer service, it is becoming more essential to business success. Businesses understand that great customer service is essential to attracting and retaining valuable customers. Businesses recognize the significant expense of attracting new customers and they appreciate the business imperative to retain those customers.

Market research studies show that it is five to ten times more expensive to acquire revenue from a new customer than to grow an existing relationship. Clearly businesses that can provide premium customer service and more effectively retain customers will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.

Benefits of Outsourcing / Value Proposition
•  Quality
•  Process improvement
•  Flexibility
•  Cost reduction
•  Reduced turnover
•  Enhanced employee positions (lower cost per employee and higher revenue per employee)
•  Renewed focus on core business (sales and marketing of hosting)

Why Ideagenie?
Ideagenie has the following advantages in providing outsourced call center services:
•  Ideagenie fully understands the call center and service business.
•  Ideagenie has an existing presence in Pune, India with a large site and existing staff.
•  Ideagenie has excellent access to the local talent pool.
•  Operating cost is 70-80 % lower than that in the US for the same call center.
•  Ideagenie can provide additional support services and ramp up quickly as needed.
•  Ideagenie has experience in setting up offshore operations. This includes CRM, telecom and secured Internet access between corporate and offshore locations
•  Ideagenie has expertise in 24x7 offshore support management and operations.

Ideagenie brings years of offshore call center management experience to the table. We will have a strong management presence representing your interests in the offshore facility and at home in the US. We also have a great deal of travel flexibility within the US. If you need one of us to operate from Virginia for a period of time, we can do that.

Outsourcing a call center to an offshore locale offers obvious cost benefits compared to operating in North America. However, navigating the business landscape of a foreign country can pose a tough challenge.

Ideagenie has through its years of operating experience, developed an in depth knowledge of the local technology and services business climate in India. In addition to our exist location in Pune, Ideagenie has solid connections in other locations throughout India such as Bangalore and Hyderabad. Ideagenie offers a high degree of flexibility in providing tailored solutions to specific business requirements.

Ideagenie offers extensive experience in recruiting, training and managing offshore personnel. Ideagenie will deliver high quality in large part because of our ability to recruit and retain high caliber performers at the offshore facility.

When it comes to offshore call center operations, onsite training is an absolute must. Ideagenie will have onsite management and training delivered directly to its personnel. This is key, as poor training, bad communication and lack of management follow through are what can ultimately make or break an offshore call center. Ideagenie will have an onsite presence in the offshore facility to oversee the implementation of comprehensive training programs.

Upon receipt of training on escalation methods from Ideagenie's customer, the call center personnel will follow the escalation procedures provided by the customer.

Ideagenie is well acquainted with industry standards and best practices in the call center and services business. Personal integrity and accountability are hallmarks of the way we do business. Ideagenie is well versed in the principles of today's quality standards. We will also work with you to understand the specific quality controls already in place in your business so they can be fully incorporated into our joint venture.

Time to Market
One of the most important factors to consider when choosing to open and operate an offshore call center is the amount of time it will take to choose a location, obtain legal status with the local government, secure a facility and staff and equip that facility. All these steps are necessary prior to fielding the first support call. This process can take months at a minimum. Ideagenie makes this process easy as we have an established offshore facility which can be readily expanded to suite your business requirements.

Ideagenie utilizes the latest in digital phone and software systems using toll-free T-1 dedicated long distance service lines. The capabilities include:

•  Interactive Voice Response
- delivers and routes information over the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The IVR solutions allow customers to get the information they want, when they want it.

•  Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) capability:
allows calls to be distributed equally among support representatives, ensuring that customers are handled in the most efficient manner possible. Calls are distributed on the longest idle agent basis. This sends the next call to the agent who has not handled a call for the longest period of time. When all agents are busy, calls are placed in queue and follow custom programmable sequence tables. When an agent becomes free, the call is routed to the first available agent. Calls are placed in the queue in the order of assigned priority and amount of time in queue. The calls with the highest priority are answered first.

•  Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) reporting:
Software that works in conjunction with the ACD system to provide information necessary to effectively manage Automatic Call Distribution Centers. The system is configured to display, on a real-time basis, the information, which is most important. At the same time the activity is stored on an hourly basis for printed report purposes. The real-time activity is displayed in windows. For example, windows can display the calling activity of a particular group, a window summarizing the current status of a group of agents, or the level of calls in queue for a particular group. As activity occurs, the windows are constantly updated.

•  Advanced Voice Mail capabilities:
Have the capability to be set to answer all incoming calls, or select lines. Can answer all calls 24 hours a day on the first ring, allowing customers to enter touch-tone numbers to reach a desired extension or department.

•  Long Distance/800 Service Reporting:
- Provides all the information needed to identify business-calling patterns, ways to allocate costs and analyze long distance use. Through a variety of reports, this solution identifies which areas of the country/world customer inquiries are coming from and where customer support calls originated. These reports allow for analysis of the time periods most support calls are received. Reports can be made available for outbound, 800 and International Toll-Free services.

By subjecting incoming email to the same business rules that govern phone calls, this system will direct email to the most appropriate agent or department. An email workflow module analyzes and categorizes inquires to ensure timely responses. The system time stamps and tickets each email to track the inquiry throughout its active life within the system.

The email system provides the following benefits:
•  Fast, accurate responses to every e-mail inquiry
•  Controlled e-mail service costs
•  Insight into customer trends and issues
•  Meet the needs of the growing business with a scalable, full-featured applications integration support

Web Based Chat
The "Live Help" option on the web site opens up a world of customer communications and support to online customers who are actively seeking assistance.

This solution ensures that online customers are connected easily and seamlessly to the right agent every time, even if the customer is connecting from behind a firewall or using a specialized browser. The systems query-specific routing and workflow maximizes both agent productivity and the quality of service delivered.

Ideagenie has experience implementing globally distributed customer relationship management systems. This expertise applies to both hosted and behind the firewall solutions utilizing industry standard solutions and best practices. If a CRM is required to fulfill the requirements of this engagement, Ideagenie is capable of deliver a world class, cost effective solution in a short time frame.