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Our satisfied clientele
At Ideagenie LLC we value our clients & believe in excellent client relationships. This helps us deliver outstanding results. We have an exhaustive list of satisfied customers, a few of them are listed below. Web site design is not the only service we provide to clients, we also provide web promotion, SEO, consultation, and general web site maintenance and help.
Unicorn Communications

Unicorn Communications is marketing and public relations firm for Hospitals, Healthcare and other Industries. They were looking for a complete design solution. We provided Logo design, Website design, Web-hosting services, and a very economical solution.
Jordanian American Association

JAA - Jordanian American Association is a organization based in greater San Francisco bay area, USA. The organization was looking for a website with Interactive features to help them reach the community better. We provided just the website for them to rally the community aroudn the website. Photogallery, Newsletters, links directory , etc for functionality while maintaining a rich visual style.
New Star-Ell Liquor

New Star-Ell Liquor was looking for a cost-effective website that served as a price-guide for the products in their store. We provided a visually rich website that show cased thier products.
@lantic Data Ltd.

Atlantic Data Ltd. is a company that provides software & BPO solutions, and is based in the U. K. They were looking for a distinct theme/ look and feel for thier websites. We provided them an elegant solution that had similar colour schemes and theme.
@lantic Data Ltd. - Disclosure check services website.

The Disclosure check services website offered by Atlantic Data Ltd. was required to follow the theme for the Atlantic Data group. We Provided a distinct theme for the group of websites, and also Graphic design services & Collaterals based on the same theme.
Cafe on the Lake

Cafe on the Lake is a Restaurant and wanted a simple website which included thier menu card and daily specials. they were also looking for a distinct identity - a logo and a website with an elegant theme. We developed an logo, website, and collaterals to the clients' taste & exceeded the customers expectations with the results achieved.
Nirmala Travels

Nirmala Travels is a unique travel group, synonymous in India for Coach Tours. They were looking for a visually pleasing and a cost effective solution. We provided cost effective solution for web-hosting and email services; and a website showcasing thier services to local as well as international tourists.

Shreeodiyoor Trust

The Shreeodiyoor Trust is a non-profit charitable institution based in South India. With no web presence, they were looking for better means of communication. Ideagenie provided a cost effective web-hosting solution. The organisation now has a great new medium for communication. All the institutions' activities are reported online. The unique site design resulted in a happy client!

Bharath Printers

Bharath Printers is a company based in Mangalore, India. They were looking to re-design thier website since the existing website design had a limited local appeal, and was not representing the full potential of the company. Ideagenie
re-designed the website for an international appeal, so that the company could have a bold presence in the export market.

Aakriti Interiors and Architectural Solutions

Aakriti Interiors and Architectural Solutions or AIAS is an Architecture, Interiors and Planning firm based in Bangalore. They were looking for a visually rich website and also appeal to new clients from across the country. Ideagenie provided logo design services & a cost-effective website solution that showcased thier talent and capabilities.